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The MARS sight is a laser sight currently used by military forces on the IMI TAR-21 and the M16 assault rifles. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

 Hey bro, I can't see a thing.
 Hey bro, I can't see a thing.
In Modern Warfare 2 the only assault rifle that can be used with the MARS is the TAR-21, even though the F2000's red dot looks very similar. In multiplayer the MARS sight is the default red dot sight for the TAR-21. The MARS sight blocks out some of the player's vision when aiming down sight and makes it difficult to acquire targets compared to the red dot and holographic sight. Single player correctly labels the sight and is featured on the TAR-21 during the U.S. Army Ranger missions in Washington D.C.,  you can locate a TAR-21 with an actual red dot in campaign.

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