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    Ivy the Kiwi?

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Aug 24, 2010

    Ivy the Kiwi? is a pointer-driven puzzle platformer akin to Kirby Canvas Curse by Yuji Naka for the DS and Wii.

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    Ivy the Kiwi? is a platformer puzzle video game designed in 2009 at Prope. The game was originally released to Windows Mobile yet has been re-released on the Wii and Nintendo DS. The game was later brought to North America by XSEED Games


    The game follows a lost kiwi named Ivy. The objective of the game is to track down and re group with her mother. Ivy is separated from her mother whilst she is still in her egg, after hatching she soon realises that her mother is nowhere to be found and sets of to find her.

    "One day a Polka-Dot egg fell from the sky.
    From the egg hatched a very lively chick.
    Her name was Ivy.
    She looked around her and discovered something awful.
    Where is my mama?
    Ivy set off running looking for her mother." 


    The game has been compared a lot to the game Kirby Canvas Curse due to similar gameplay types. The player of Ivy the Kiwi? does not openly control Ivy, instead the player must draw lines to guide Ivy away from dangers and enemies encountered throughout the game; enemies such as: falling obstacles. The player must also guide Ivy to the goal (the end of the level/stage). The Nintendo DS and Wii retail version has 100 levels however the downloadable versions (off WiiWare and DSiWare) only have 50 levels.
    Collectable through out the game are feathers that, when 10 are collected, add an extra life. In stage trial, the feathers also serve to award metal based on the time you took to collect them. At the end of each level there is a award platform that gives you bonus points depending on where you land.
    Some levels include a rock item that destroys blocks and kills enemys. Sometimes this just serves as a powerup, other times it's required to get through a level, as there are blocks that can only be destroyed by a rock.
    In the main game you play through each level in order. If you get a game over you can continue at the cost of your total score, or you can begin again. In stage trial, you can play through every level you have beaten in the main game. There is also multiplayer where multiple players race to a goal.


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