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Jinbe (sometimes referred to as "First Son of the Sea" Jinbe) is a fishman pirate, who acted as the second captain of the Sun Pirates after Fisher Tiger was killed. He was also formerly one of the seven Warlords of the sea, but he forfeited his title when he refused to oppose Whitebeard at the Battle of Marineford.

Jinbe had immense respect and gratitude for Whitebeard, who claimed Fishman Island as his territory and protected it. Because of this, Jinbe was very loyal to helping Whitebeard. When Portgas D. Ace attempted to kill Whitebeard, Jinbe sought to fight Ace, in a battle that ended up lasting five days and nearly killed both of them. Despite this, afterwards Jinbe and Ace became good friends, and Jinbe was willing to lay down his life to help save Ace from being executed.

Jinbe also helped save Monkey D Luffy after Ace died, when Luffy was severely damaged physically and emotionally. Because of this, and all the help Jinbe gave at Impel Down and Marineford, the two ended up becoming friends. Two years later, at Fishman Island, Luffy helped save the island from Hody Jones and the New Fishman Pirates. After the battle, Jinbe was willing to have a blood transfer with Luffy who is a human. This was an act that, based on previous relations with fishmen and humans, was highly forbidden. When Tony Tony Chopper questioned the law, Jinbe simply stated that he is a pirate.

When Luffy regains consciousness, he asks Jinbe to join his crew. Jinbe declines, stating he has some unfinished business. He then tells Luffy the two will meet again, and when that time comes, Luffy may ask again.

Jinbe has a bounty of over 400,000,000 Belly.


Jinbe is a very level headed and calm individual. Despite some of his best friends dying, Ace and Whitebeard, he was able to keep himself together, and was even able to help calm Luffy through his mental struggle.

Jinbe is very loyal to his friends, and openly states he will put his life on the line for them.

Unlike some of his old crew, Jinbe does not seem to have prejudice over humans, and seems to believe that relations between the two species can be fixed.

Powers and abilities

Jinbe is highly skilled in Fishman Karate. He was able to fight evenly with Ace, a Logia class Devil Fruit, for five whole days. He was also able to nearly knock out Gekko Moriah with a single punch.

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