Impressions - Has anyone else picked this up?

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#1 Posted by cannonballBAM (792 posts) -

I just wrapped the game up and was surprised that no one here was talking about it. Has anyone else picked up Katana Zero, and if you did, what were your thoughts?

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#2 Posted by Casepb (753 posts) -

I got it for the Switch the day it came out and haven't gotten very far. I think just the 4th level. It's very good though from what I've played. The gameplay is challenging but I like how it lets you quickly retry. The story is starting to get interesting too.

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I really loved this game. An early favorite for this year for sure. Couldn’t put it down last weekend. Really love how the dialogue system works. This game takes some pretty sharp turns narratively and I’ll be excited to find out what else this game is hiding as more people play it.

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#4 Posted by FLStyle (6705 posts) -

I'll buy it next month once I've gotten my fill of MK11

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#5 Posted by TreeTrunk (617 posts) -

Awesome! I just finished it, fun & great story! The Psychotherapy achievement is very much worth getting. If you go to chapter select, there's a chapter after the last one. It's just bonus swords and a door that says 'come back in a few months', so I guess there's more content planned for then.

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#6 Posted by InStInCt666 (36 posts) -

Seriously happy i went for that game, i expected something pretty simple and got surprised every step of the way. I Said " WHAT THE FUCK" out loud several times.
the soundtrack is damn good (on Spotify just so you know)
and the gameplay is what you would expect from the trailer, can be real tough, but i took the blame for every death, the controls feels right.

that would be my short and sweet "review"

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#7 Posted by SDenning23 (1 posts) -

Just finished my first play through. Really enjoyed the gameplay a dialogue options. Going to go again and make some different choices and see if anything changes. I would highly recommend the game though!

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