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This does not end well 4

Talk to any gamer old enough to have owned a NES, and they will invariably tell you about how much they loved Kid Icarus. The game is regarded as a classic, and rarely a day passes without someone on the forums clamoring for a sequel. Now that the game is available for the Wii's virtual console, it's tough not to wonder why the game is held in such high regard. Kid Icarus is best described as a mix between a side-scrolling shooter and a platformer, incorporating elements of both. The angel Pit...

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Solid State Game Review: Kid Icarus (NES) 1

Game Title: Kid IcarusRelease Date: December 1987Developer: Nintendo (Gunpei Yokoi)Platform: Nintendo Entertainment SystemGenre/Type: 2D Platform Vertical Scrolling Adventure Game Rating: [III/V] While this game has a some ambitious ideas along with a fantastic soundtrack, Kid Icarus ultimately suffers from various technical problems. Kid Icarus is an interesting game primarily because of what it tries to achieve. It definitely takes a cue from three iconic games. In the game, an angel by the na...

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Eggplant wizards will make you quit 0

Describing Kid Icarus as difficult is an understatement. The first level will take a couple of tries. The next level becomes insanely hard, mainly because of the evil eggplant wizards. You reach this maze of sorts in the second level, and in some parts of the maze are wizards that can turn Pit, the main character, into an eggplant as soon as their projectile hits. Once Pit becomes an eggplant, he has to backtrack a long way to the recovery area, a daunting task considering there is ...

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