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Killer Queen is a multiplayer team-based single-screen strategy-platformer developed and released by BumbleBear for arcades (using PC-based hardware) on August 2, 2013.

Based on a "field game" by Josh DeBonis (of Sortasoft) and Nik Mikros (of SMASHWORX), Killer Queen is a 5v5 indie arcade game played on two large dedicated five-player arcade cabinets linked together. Each cabinet hosts the controls for one team (Gold or Blue), with the center player as the team leader (or "Queen").

In Killer Queen, both teams race to win the game by completing one of three objectives: killing the enemy Queen three times (for a Military Victory), filling their Hive with Berries (for an Economic Victory), or riding the neutral Snail to their Basket (for a Snail Victory).

The game later received a sequel for home consoles and computers in 2019, titled Killer Queen Black.


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