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    A female grappler from Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire, Kim-Maree has a mean elbow drop.

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    Kim-Maree is the primary grappling character in both Jackie Chan - The Kung-Fu Master and Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire. Her fighting style is very heavily influenced by professional wrestling with her signature moves being the frankensteiner (with super and air-to-air variants) and elbow drop.

    As a slower, command-throw based character in an extremely fast, combo oriented game, Kim-Maree is considered to be low-tier. Her game plan revolves mainly around out-zoning her opponents with her unusually good standing light kick, while punishing whiffs or other attacks with frame disadvantage with her frankensteiner.

    Kim-Maree is portrayed by real life Australian martial artist Kim-Maree Penn, who starred alongside Jackie in Police Story III.

    Signature Moves


    A grappling technique popularized by professional wrestling, Kim-Maree wraps her legs around her opponents head and performs a backflip, slamming them into the ground. As her main source of damage, Kim-Maree depends on landing her Frankensteiner in order to win any match. This move can also be performed in the air and is the only air-based throw in the Jackie Chan series.

    Death Lariat Drop

    Kim-Maree rushes across the screen and clotheslines standing opponents, slamming them to the ground. This move is easily telegraphed by its slow movement and can be avoided simply by crouching.

    B Bomber

    A high-priority striking attack, Kim-Maree "hulks up" and swings her arms over her head, knocking down nearby opponents. This is primarily used in-game to force rush down opponents into a defensive position.

    Double Frankensteiner (Super)

    The super variant of Kim-Maree's regular frankensteiner, with an additional flip for extra damage. In the original Jackie Chan - The Kung-Fu Master, this was her regular frankensteiner attack as super moves did not exist.


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