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    King Kong

    Character » appears in 23 games

    King Kong lives on Skull Island where he encounters many other creatures as well as people who have arrived, completely unaware of his existence.

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    King Kong in the Movies

    Since King Kong's debut in 1933, he has been in 7 films. The Japanese film studio Toho, responsible for franchises such as Godzilla, was actually able to put out both the 1962 and 1967 films. It was here that they took a former stop-motion animation creation and turned it into suitmation. Listed below are the titles for all the films, along with their original release date.

    1933 - King Kong

    1933 - The Son of Kong

    1962 - King Kong vs. Godzilla

    1967 - King Kong Escapes

    1976 - King Kong (remake)

    1986 - King Kong Lives

    2005 - King Kong (2nd remake)

    2017 - Kong: Skull Island

    2021 - Godzilla vs. Kong


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