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    King of Kings: The Early Years

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released 1991

    A biblical game where the player learns the story of Jesus' early years.

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    King of Kings: The Early Years is the first game in Wisdom Tree's line-up of Christian console games. It focuses on the early years of Jesus's life. The game is broken up into three segments. The soundtrack for the game consists of three public domain songs: "We Three Kings", "Go Tell It On the Mountain", and "What Child Is This."

    The Wise Men

    The player is one of the three Wise Men as they journey to visit baby Jesus. Each Wise Man rides a spitting camel and collects their respective gifts (frankincense, gold, and myrrh) as they roam through the treacherous side-scrolling desert landscape.

    Flight to Egypt

    Joseph, Mary and Jesus are fleeing from King Harrod on the back of a donkey. The player guides the donkey up a steep, zig-zagging, vertical maze.

    Jesus and the Temple

    Oh no! 12-year-old Jesus is alone at the Temple in Jerusalem. Joseph, the player character, must hurry to find him. This is the only mode in the collection that does not feature the characters riding animals.


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