New Kingdom Hearts 3 Classic Kingdom Trailer

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During a Kingdom Hearts Chi fan event a new trailer was released showing off a collection of mini games seemingly based on Game and Watch. They look alright, but similar to Justice Monsters V in Final Fantastic XV it bothers me that Square Enix is blatantly putting mobile games in their full console games and calling them mini games. There's something about it that just feels so cynical and business-y.

But there's also new outfits for Hayner, Pence, and Olette so that's cool I guess.

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Oh man, Justice Monsters V... I'd completely forgotten that thing even existed. Don't think I ever touched it in FF15.

I wouldn't put this in the same category as that, though. "JusMon" was clearly designed as a phone game, taking inspiration from what was popular in Japan at the time, and I'm sure SE was secretly hoping for it to reach that same level.

These are just some harmless Game & Watch clones. Which is kinda weird because it's not even coming to a Nintendo platform (yet), but whatever.

Hopefully you can earn something decent for playing them, because I remember being pretty good at that Game & Watch Gallery game back on the original Game Boy.

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