Knights of the Chalice

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    A turn-based, party-oriented and isometric RPG from Heroic Fantasy Games based on Dungeons & Dragons.

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    Knights of the Chalice (KotC) is an independently released RPG from UK-based developer Heroic Fantasy Games. The roleplaying mechanics are based on a selective implementation of the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 ruleset through Wizards of the Coasts's Open Game License (OGL), and the game features a 25 hour singleplayer-only campaign.

    The party-oriented gameplay as well as the 2D top-down graphics are highly reminiscent of early genre-defining PC RPGs like Ultima VI and the Dark Sun games but also has relatively much in common with the similarily D&D-based Baldur's Gate series (particularly the first, somewhat more combat-oriented game) in its overall design and structure. Unlike Baldur's Gate, however, the combat system in KotC is strictly turn-based and typically involves a fairly high number of enemy units, often not only rewarding but also requiring intelligent use of the surrounding environments (such as using doorways as bottlenecks or completely surround spell casters to shield them from enemy attacks) to make up for the party's numerical inferiority.

    There are a sizeable number of spells and character-specific feats available in KotC with which to customize characters but the non-combat related D&D skills have been left out, which reflects the game's strong emphasis on battles and relatively limited NPC interaction and dialogue. Nonetheless, there are still a few different ways to solve many quests, allowing the player some freedom in his or her approach to the game's challenges and combat scenarios.


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