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    A masocore indie game where players control a floating robotic orb in a race to escape the dangerous and claustrophobic confines of a futuristic labyrinth.

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    KRUNCH is an indie game developed by LeGrudge & Rugged, a duo comprised of Vieko Franetovic and Michael Lohaus, and based on a prototype originally developed by the pair for the Mini Ludum Dare 21 called Klaustrum. It puts players in control of a floating orb which must escape from a futuristic labyrinth comprised of over 100 levels, each of which must be completed quickly in order to avoid death at the hands of moving obstacles which are constantly closing in, enemies, or a slowly depleting life gauge.

    The game features retro style visuals from which reverse-concept art by Sara Gross/Two Bit Art ( Cook, Serve, Delicious!) was created, music by Rich Vreeland aka Disasterpeace, and sounds by Jordan Fehr.


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