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    Kung-Fu Heroes

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released October 1984

    Overhead action game for 2 players. The NES version of the arcade game "Chinese Hero", as well as the first entry in the "Super Chinese" series of games.

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    Kung-Fu Heroes, otherwise known as Super Chinese, is the first game in Culture Brain's Super Chinese series of Chinese-themed comedic brawler games. One or two players can fight as Jacky and Lee against numerous foes in a top-down grid-like map. Enemies pour in from the sides of the screen, and the player must use their martial arts and various power-ups to fight their way through them and beat bosses.

    It originally came out in the Arcade as Chinese Hero. They later adapted the game for home consoles with the Famicom and NES version. Super Chinese saw multiple sequels, a handful of which saw US localizations.


    Title Screen
    Title Screen

    Jacky and Lee return from a long trip to find out that their princess, Min-Min, had been kidnapped. 10 of their kingdom's treasures had been stolen as well. They set off to 8 of the enemy's castles in order to reclaim these treasures as well as rescue the princess.


    First Stage
    First Stage

    The game consists of 8 castles consisting of 4 stages each and is playable by two players cooperatively. In order to exit each stage, the brothers must defeat 12 enemies before the exit door at the top of the screen will open. Players can punch various blocks throughout each of the stages (as well as somersault into hidden spaces on the stage) to find power ups and hidden treasures that will help them get through each stage.


    • ?-Ball : Randomly generated when punching blocks, can give the player either $-Bags or the dreaded X-Ball.
    • $-Bags: Collect 5 and an E-Ball will be generated. If the player is able to collect 6 without encountering an X-Ball, they can create a P-Ball. The player can hold up to six $-Bags at a time.
    • X-Ball: Causes the $-Bag counter to drop to zero.
    • E-Ball: Collect 5 of theses to get a 1-UP
    • Using the G-Ball
      Using the G-Ball
      G-Ball: Allows the player to shoot fireballs at enemies for a short time, however these fireballs are not effective on all enemies.
    • P-Ball: Invincibility (except from pits, moving walls, and certain other hazards). It allows the player to kill enemies by touching them while it lasts. Normally available only if the player has 6 $-Bags, but one can be found on stage 7-1.
    • 1-UP: Extra life, the player can have up to 9 at a time.
    • Key: Opens up a stairway to a bonus stage or warp.
    • Treasure Box: Contains a punch power up, 5 miracle kicks (a more powerful moonsault), or one of the 10 treasures.

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