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Super Chinese was a long lived (1984-1999) series of games by Culture Brain (usually) starring two aspiring ninja kids, Jack and Ryu, as they adventured around their home of Chinaland and (usually) saved it from some kind of evil villain.

The series started as a very simplistic arcade beat-em-up, the 1984 Japan-only release Chinese Hero, published by Taiyo, with unnamed main characters beating up enemies in a single screen. In 1989, Culture Brain added RPG elements with Super Chinese 2 (localized as Little Ninja Brothers) structured around the same original fight mechanics in place of the usual RPG random encounters. Major battles were turn based in the usual classic RPG style. By 1995, in Super Chinese World 3, you could play the entire game with either traditional turn-based random encounters or real-time arcade battles, through a menu choice when you started (or loaded?) a game.

Typically for Culture Brain, each game in the series shares a lot of mechanics, music, theme and sometimes plot. The same basic structure for battles is used in every game in the core series, the same notes can be heard in the songs, and generally you're doing about the same sort of thing. Though in SCW2 Jack and Ryu apparently go to space, so that's something.

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