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[Skip to the bold underlined bit if you don't want to hear the thrilling back story]

I played LA Noire when it was first released and loved the crap out of it, it's one of a few games I felt compelled to purchase for a second time and replay.

So, this second time around I have bought the Complete Edition with all the bells and whistles, as opposed to the original release with no DLC (obviously).

I boot up the game and I am surprised to see that the only option on the menu is "New Game" not "Load Game" because various saves from my original play through were still on my 360's hard drive. I assumed this was because it was technically a different release (although still same achievements) but whatever, I want to replay the whole game again anyway right?

Wrong. I finish my first stint of my second play through. Come back today and see that the main menu still doesn't give me the option of "Load Game". Only "New Game".

But hey, this shit happens. I start again. I didn't get too far. No real loss (Apart from time, he says as he writes a ludicrously excessive amount for a simple forum post).

I just finished playing about 5 minutes ago and guess what? It happened again!

So I start doing some digging and find that it is saving under the original LA Noire save slot and the Complete Edition has not even created it's own separate save slot. (Not that I would expect it to, but I'm guessing that is the problem). I know that what I see is my save because of the date (2012-08-06) and case name on the title (Traffic - The Fallen Idol. Just getting good, I know!).

My life threatening question is this - Is there a way to edit a save file on 360 so that the correct game can recognise it?

All help much appreciated!

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