L.A. Noire

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    L.A. Noire is a detective thriller developed by Team Bondi in Australia and published by Rockstar Games.

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    There's nothing quite like it. 7

    L.A Noire is a hard game to classify, from some minor observation it could’ve easily been misinterpreted as GTA in the 1940’s with impressive facial tech, but if you look at anything past the obvious it’s a game with depth, an incredible story, unique gameplay and a giant sprawling open world. L.A Noire has not only set a new standard for its technology but it’s completely rewritten the book on the adventure game and open world game alike, it’s not without its flaws but it’s an incredible well ...

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    CSI: Los Angeles 2

    As I continue to work my way through reviewing the substantial pile of games I’ve played this year, this week I find myself encountering another Rockstar Games offering: L.A. Noire. In this interactive crime drama, you accompany detective Cole Phelps he slogs through a morass of dirty cops, corrupt politicians, and mutilated corpses in an attempt to bring order and justice to 1940’s Los Angeles.Design 3 / 5At first glance, L.A. Noire looks like a typical Rockstar Grand-Theft-Auto-style game, in ...

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    Conceptually Intriguing, Strikingly Shallow 27

    LA Noire is more concerned with showing you everything it has to offer than demanding any critical thinking from its players. If you become engrossed in the story and just want to see unfold, this probably won't be an issue, but those looking to solve complex logical puzzles are going to be disappointed.LA Noire does do a lot of things well. The technology on display is wonderful, accurately capturing the details of facial movement to a amazing degree of believability, and the atmospheric qu...

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    Just like LA, not much substance but plenty of flash 2

    If there's any game that's come out in the first half of the year that had a big question mark on it, it was LA Noire. Aside from Duke Nukem Forever which is more about the quality of the game given its long development cycle, it was hard to pinpoint just how LA Noire would actually play. Truth be told, I'm a little tired of the sandbox style of games Rockstar has been doing so when it comes down to it, LA Noire is kind of a hybrid between sandbox and old-school adventure titles so at least it's...

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    LA Noire: A game full of fame, dames, and placing blame 2

    If there is one thing I've done that I'm very proud of so far this year, it was the decision to complete LA Noire. I'm incredibly glad I made this worthwhile purchase and that I took my time with it. LA Noire is a breathtaking and wonderful experience that demands your attention and encourages you to work at your own individual pace.You start off as one Mr. Cole Phelps, a beat cop eager to establish a real name and distinction for himself. Your big break comes from your first major case, Buyer B...

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    A Case Study 4

    It’s taken me a really long time to put my thoughts into a cogent review for LA Noire. So before I get to the review I thought that you would all indulge me in revealing some inside baseball (or cricket for any readers from the UK). Usually when I write a review for a game I lay out my thoughts mentally. It’s a careless thing on my part to write a review without first outlining it on paper. I take a few days and mull over everything that I liked and disliked. I give myself time to settle so that...

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    A Lesson in Logic 2

    LA Noire is a project that I've been interested in for some time and I applaud Team Bondi for their ambitious attempt at creating a deep and unique adventure experience. However, even with the great face-recognition technology and interesting style, the flaws of LA Noire greatly outweigh the games triumphs.LA Noire is at times a gorgeous game to look at. The face-recognition technology is both endearing and off-putting. The main issue is the obvious disconnect between the quality of characters f...

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    A Different Kind of Game for the Rockstar Community 0

    Open world games themed around crime are not a new concept, but rarely do games with this in mind take the time to delve into the nitty gritty of police work, often devolving from one shoot-out to the next. Team Bondi’s L.A. Noire breaks this trend and has players truly play the role of detective, examining clues, questioning suspects, and making arrests. It’s a methodical game, which rewards through police work with an experience unlike any other and breaks new ground with it’s face capture tec...

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    Cleaning the City of Angels 1

    L.A. Noire has been called many things such as GTA:1947 but the thing I haven't heard which seems more appropriate now is "Major contender to Game of the Year 2011/past ten years". L.A. Noire keeps the name of Rockstar Games high up with the best, not really knowing what to expect from it I started it steadily but found myself playing the game without any pauses.L.A. Noire has this special thing so many games thrive for: a reason to go forward. While the story is divided in different sub-plots (...

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    Groundbreaking, Even If A Bit Disappointing. 0

    "L.A. Noire" is not nearly as perfect or as polished as Rockstar's previous venture, "Red Dead Redemption".  The level of perfect seen in that game isn't quite shown in "L.A. Noire", however none of this really diminishes Noire from being one of the better games you will play in 2011.    You play as Cole Phelps, a recent graduate of the police academy and at the beginning of the game, a beat cop.  You work your way up in the beginning to defective, and the beat cop missions serve as the tutorial...

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    The devil is in the details. 3

    You don’t get a lot of games set in the 1950’s these days. Not that you ever really had a lot of them, the post WW2 era of gangsters and jazz has been left mostly unexplored by developers. LA Noire takes the player on an in-depth journey back into the blooming post war time period where cops didn’t need search warrants and corruption was just a part of the system. You soon come to realize that being an honest cop in a dirty town isn’t as easy as one might think.In LA Noire you live the life of C...

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    The Big Snooze 2

    (Ahoy mateys! Thar be spoilers ahead!)   If you're looking for someone to verbally fellate the game, you can find plenty of that elsewhere...   I am not a Rockstar (R*) devotee, so I do not have a sycophantic streak for their games. I never liked GTA and that alone almost kept me from playing Red Dead Redemption (RDR) (that, and the fact that I generally don't care for westerns). To my delight, RDR turned out to be among the best games I've ever played, with nearly every element impressing the...

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    L.A. Noire: No Angels in This City 3

    L.A. Noire, the ambitious Noir game created by Team Bondi of Australia, is something of a confusing case (see what I did there?). It took a five year development process and a new facial scanning system called MotionScan, along with some really impressive boasts of what the game would entail.    So did this game live up to the hype? Did the technology used work out? Well yes, and no. You see, for everything new and exciting L.A. Noire attempts to do, it falls down on some of the most basic mech...

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    Great acheivement, but does that mean fun? 0

      Essentially this is a very well done game, it deserves a lot of credit for its polish.   But at the same time does that translate to fun?   For some people yes and others not at all.   I fall into the camp of mostly no, the amount of sheer fun and excitement in this game were to heavily drown out by the tedious, boring and unexciting sifting of detective work. The graphics were smooth and the new tech with character face animation capture is amazing for games but isn't as close to reality as s...

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    What I've always wanted 0

     Do you ever get the feeling that something was created specifically for you? That's what L.A. Noire makes me feel. See, I love the era of between the 1920s and 1940s. The cars, the women, the simplicity, the music, fashion and radio. Films like Chinatown, L.A. Confidential, Hoodlum, The Godfather appeal to me because they take me back to a time that I would wish to visit should I ever get a time traveling DeLorean. Video games have scratched the itch of experiencing life during the e...

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    Like solving crimes? You should probably play this. 0

     I don't know anything about Noir as a genre or Police Procedural for that matter, but LA Noire has a gripping atmosphere and that the police work depicted in the game is more about clue finding, suspect interrogating and witness interviewing than simply shooting guys makes the game a dozen times more interesting than it could've been otherwise.Combat actually is arguably the games weakest point from a gameplay perspective.Not that it's terrible, it's just thoroughly average. It takes insp...

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    Video Review: Despite Ambitious Premise, L.A. Noire Disappoints 0

    I had high hopes for L.A. Noire. Everything about the game seemed to promise a genre-mixing blend of quick burst action sequences intertwined with methodically paced detective work. The balance and pacing of L.A. Noire is superb, complementing the story’s characters and developing plotlines with intriguing conclusions. Unfortunately the entire game isn’t perfected to a T, a problem which can typically be ignored when the overall experience is satisfying. However, the fault of L.A. Noire is that ...

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    Almost Incredible 0

           Before LA Noire was released, I was extremely skeptical. Good facial animation does not a game make, and prior to the game’s release, the good ol’ marketing team never showed much beyond that. But, my skepticism was completely unfounded. LA Noire is a triumph for storytelling in games, with some of the best voice acting I’ve ever heard in any game, ever. It transcends its episodic structure to tell a wonderfully crafted narrative, with characters that you will care about. Oh, and did I m...

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    Best Mystery Game Ever 0

    Rockstar, who has become the most consistently amazing game developer out there, brought out the much-troubled L.A Noire at last. And, yet again, they make a game radically different than their usual fare. True, it is open world --- but this game has nothing in common with Grand Theft Auto. Doesn't have anything really in common with Bully. Obviously, drastically different than Table Tennis and Max Payne. That they have such a willingness to try something completely different than they have done...

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    A Completely Unique Masterpiece 1

    Make no mistake; LA Noire is an adventure game, through and through. Even though you're running around the classic open-world environments Rockstar is known for, participating in car chases and gun fights, most of that is mere window dressing compared to searching for clues and interrogating suspects. The real meat of the game involves unraveling the sordid truth behind a murder, behind a suspect, and eventually, behind an entire city. If you enjoy a good detective story, filled with all the cla...

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    Does not hold up 0

    L.A. Noire is a really interesting game. A detective story with elements of interrogation, search for clues, and shooting, it does not quite deliver in any of these aspects. Although the story is interesting, and the cases are taken from real life, the actual gameplay is tedious and boring. The shooting doesn't feel good at all, driving is very stiff and cumbersome, and the interviews feel like complete guesswork sometimes. I enjoyed the setting and the characters, but they do not offset the pro...

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    I'm bad at writing review titles 0

    L.A.Noire hits all the right notes for me and managed to sink it's fangs in pretty quick. I loved the setting and the character designs (there's just something about a man in a nice sharp suit). I loved the fact that Rockstar didn't punish me for being bad at driving in games or for occasionally not wanting to replay the same shooting sequence over and over again. I found the story genuinely intriguing; not overly predictable but not needlessly convoluted. I found myself really angry with certai...

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    The case that makes you can be the case that breaks you 0

    A game years in the making, L.A. Noire features an engaging adventure taking place in 1947 Los Angeles where player control Cole Phelps through his rise in the LAPD. Team Bondi & Rockstar games have created a crime epic that plays like no other game thanks to their experience and new technology to bring an actor's performance into a game like never before.    Examining Bodies is just one part of the job After serving the nation during World War II, specifically in the Okinawa campaign, C...

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    Completely Engrossing Experience 0

    I came into L.A. Noire not knowing quite what to expect. Based on reviews of the game, it seemed like an attempt at the best of what Rockstar offers in the story department with less of the annoying gameplay quirks. However, I heard a number of complaints about the evidence system and how things ended up feeling a little too "video gamey". After spending a number of hours with the game, I am pleased to say that this is easily one of the best times I've had experiencing a game story in years.The ...

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    Enter the streets of '40s L.A. in one of the year's best games 0

    It's rare for an open-world game with the Rockstar logo on it to put zero emphasis on murderous rampages, but that is exactly the case in L.A. Noire. Rather than focusing on a disturbed individual who's perfectly fine with ending any life form he comes across, L.A. Noire does a 180 degree turn and throws the police into the spotlight. The result is a fantastically crafted open-world adventure game with little emphasis on action and and more emphasis on stellar investigation mechanics and unbelie...

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    The new age of "Graphic Adventure" gaming. 0

    If you are thinking Rockstar's L.A. Noire is going to be anything like their previous titles (Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption), you're going to be greatly disappointed. If anything, L.A. Noire is an evolution of the adventure genre. Just because this game is open world doesn't mean you're free to do whatever you want in every aspect of that meaning. You're going to be tied down to solving crimes and driving in a very open 40's Los Angeles, California. And just because you're sporting a pis...

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    Ancient gameplay with a fresh coat of paint 0

    There are few good things to say about LA Noire, but what little there is actually means very much.  LA Noire is, as you probably know, leader in the field of facial motion capturing.  They've managed to record facial animation in a way that surpasses the uncanny valley and for that LA Noire earns praise.  LA Noire began development in 2004 and, sadly, it feels like a first gen 360 title.  The sandbox world is strange and lacking.  There are no areas to visit.  There are barely any car physics. ...

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    La Noire Review - Imaginative titles was never my forte 0

    StoryLa Noire is as a grand homage to the Noire genre with a well written story that feels right at home with films like LA Confidential. Unfortunately, the excellent narrative is straddled with gameplay elements which, while fun at first, tend to become repetitive and make for an overly passive experience.You play as detective Cole Phelps, a WWII veteran out to make a name for himself in the LA Police department. Over the course of the game, you will be assigned to different assignments, inclu...

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    A modern take on a slow burning genre 0

    Contrary to the "Grand Theft Noir" vibe that it gives, L.A. Noire is more of a modern take on old school slow and methodical adventure games than a GTA open world action game. Using cutting edge technology the game requires you to read the facial expressions of characters you interrogate in order to determine whether or not they're telling the truth or not. Fitting somewhere in between a straight linear adventure game narrative and open world game, L.A. Noire is probably not going to completely ...

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    This doesn't pertain to the case 0

    The marketing campaign that preempted L.A Noire’s release didn’t do a great job at explaining what kind of game it is, so let’s be clear- L.A. Noire is an adventure game. That means it’s a methodically paced, story driven affair that boasts some interesting ideas, while simultaneously feeling like a chore to play. Fans of noir in general should find it satisfying on the whole, but anyone else might want to tread carefully when considering L.A. Noire.Being an adventure game, you’ll spend the majo...

    2 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    L.A. Noire Review: Success is a double-edged sword 0

    When someone tells you Rockstar Games is working on something new, assumptions are made, and in the past, have been mostly correct. Rockstar’s craftsmanship has flourished from their first encounter with open-world gameplay in Grand Theft Auto 3.  L.A. Noire breaks that pattern and offers a variety of drastically different mechanics that arguably counter the freedom of their past work. For the avid fans of the GTA series, this is a game that’s not the same style, or even same genre for that matt...

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    LA Noire 2

    this game is completely overrated. Its boring to play, the graphics are good but you cant go where you want to, its really linear and traps you doing what they want you do. Cant believe this is getting 5 stars of reviewers. shooting is too easy. face animations are impressive but not much more. cases are failed in bullshit ways. rent it, dont buy it...

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    This game was a joke and a bad one at that. 0

    No loading screens between islands. Euphoria physics. Real-time weather effects and random wildlife. Accurate bullet impact and recoil. Facial mapping technology. These are the features that are pushed by each new Rockstar release. Technical marvels that sell their AAA budged games. Then these features are recycled into redundancy in every subsequent title released by the studio. Don't get me wrong, these are amazing technologies that open up possibilities for the industry as a whole. But they a...

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    Three star game. Five star experience. 0

    L.A. Noire is ostensibly a game. But it's not.Yes, it contains games. Some where you move around an environment manipulating objects. Some where you virtually interrogate various characters. Some where you drive cars, or chase criminals, or shoot at them. Or read ledgers or (shudder) balance on a plank. Individually these range from fun to downright annoying. But it's not a game.L.A. Noire is, essentially, an  interactive episodic TV series. It has a defined beginning, end, and plot arc. It has...

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    L.A. Noire Review 0

    LA Noire is from RockStar and Team Bondi. It puts you into the shoes of a cop of the rise named Cole Phelps. You'll get the chance to solve case for multiple different departments within the LAPD. You'll find yourself in the Traffic division, Homicide, VICE, and Arson. You'll have to track down all the clues and get your witnesses and suspects to tell you exactly what you need to do. If you can accomplish all of this you might find yourself as one of the best in LA.Graphically this game starts o...

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    A nice change of pace. 0

    A game that will set the benchmark, probably short lived, for facial animation and actors in games. The story was a typical Rockstar tragedy with some cheap laughs thrown in. Once again though R* makes a memorable cast of characters. PS3 version seems like the way to go with the whole having one disk thing, but regardless this game deserves to be a GOTY contender. Giving it 4 stars for a lackluster and open ending.  ...

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    A new genre 0

    LA Noire is a game that is set in Los Angeles right after the end of world war 2 and you follow in the footsteps of Cole Phelps as he works his way up the ranks of the LAPD. This is the basic premise of the game and I found it to be a good game with some noticeable flaws but ultimately a full-filling experience.  To start off the overall plot has various overlying stories but during your missions or Cases you are only focusing on what is directly in front of you; one particular story. I found t...

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    Impressive Tech, But Gameplay Wears Out 0

    I have never been a huge fan of Rockstar games. I love open world games, but the Rockstar ones always had funky controls and pretty pedantic story lines going on with them. I decided to give LA Noire a go though since it had some really interesting things happening for it. First off it isn't really an open world game in the same sense as GTA. Second, it has some of the most impressive facial animations I have ever seen.Now the facial animation and the technology behind it are the most impressive...

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    L.A Noire Review 0

    One of rockstars highly anticipated games ever. L.A Noire is a story following a young man named Cole Phelps onHis journey throughout the corrupted streets of + L.A but also uncovering the truth about theReal corruption that couldn't be found on the crime scenes.The city itself boats a flourish of colours, commotion, hustle and bustle of daily city life. You couldLiterally drive around the city for long periods of time and get lost in the beauty of the city.One thing I would like to note that d...

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    Tacky Suits and Fedoras Unite; L.A. Noire Delivers 0

    The news media would certainly agree that there have been plenty of open world representations of the criminal lifestyle in video games; Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption are some shining examples of that actuality. In contrast, few titles have ever attempted to emulate the opposite element of society. Outside of tie-in products featuring comic book superheroes and a few throw-away adventure games branded with the CSI license, crime-fighting is a drastically underrepresented concept withi...

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    Unique detective experience 0

    LA Noire is an open world detective game with its own unique feature that makes it stand out from the rest.You play as Cole Phelps, a detective in 1947's Los Angeles. You start as a lowly beat cop and slowly move up to the upper tiers of the detectives as you solve cases and progress the overarching story. There is a persistence element as well, your badge will rank up during the normal course of game-play. When you rank up you can earn intuition points, new outfits, and locations for collectibl...

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    A New Way To Play (that doesn't involve tennis) 0

    I'm always the last one to be told about these murder-thingsIt’s rare in the videogame industry to see an idea so radical it requires new technology to be created from scratch. It’s even rarer to see a situation where the money to fund that whole concept comes to fruition and the resulting game is actually a great experience as a result. Enter LA Noire, a title that carries the Rockstar banner but, when considering the publishers other projects, goes in an entirely different way.Despite being se...

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    L.A. Noire Review: City of Angels 0

    L.A. Noire is an adventure game developed by Team Bondi. Though published by Rockstar, L.A. Noire is a far cry from Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead, instead being a successor to the point and click adventure games of old. While it is a semi sandbox world with a lot of player interaction, this is not a free roaming game by any means. There is a linear story path to be taken, there is basically no side content to participate in and the game has a tight leash on what the player can do at any time. Des...

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    Faces and Expressions unlike anything you've ever seen. 0

    I like games which are interactive novels or movies. L.A. Noire neatly meets this criteria and brilliantly recreates a colourful period of L.A.'s history.I have never seen a game populated by believable characters who inspire compassion in the player. Nor have I seen real faces with real emotions, from the slight twitch of nervousness to red-faced, bulging eyes of fear.I didn't pay this game for its challenges or playablity. I want to be immersed in a world and interact with the environment. I w...

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