Lab Crisis

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released May 25, 2022

    A puzzle game about rescuing scientists.

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    Lab Crisis is a puzzle game developed by Lovixama and published by Xitilon for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.


    Lab Crisis is a 2D, top-down puzzle game in which the goal is to rescue all of the scientists on each stage and get them to the exit unharmed. Each stage is made up of a grid of squares. Every time the player moves a square, so do the enemies. The enemies in each stage are color coded and have a specific move pattern. Every scientist the player rescues before going to the exit will follow behind the player, making a larger and larger chain behind that can be killed before reaching the exit.

    There are other various obstacles impeding the players progression such as color coded doors that must be unlocked with a corresponding key card and pits that will cause the player or scientists to die.


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