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Laurentius can be found in the Depths in a room near the second Butcher and the Large Ember. He is trapped inside of a large barrel, which can be safely broken by rolling into it.

After freeing Laurentius, he will travel to Firelink Shrine. He will sell the player basic pyromancies and has the ability to upgrade the Pyromancy Flame to +15. If the player did not choose the Pyromancer as a starting class, he will give the player a Pyromancy Flame at no cost as thanks for his rescue.

If the player ascends their Pyromancy Flame by speaking with Quelana or purchases and attunes the Great Chaos Fireball pyromancy and then returns to Laurentius, he will ask where such Pyromancy was acquired. Agreeing to tell him will cause him to leave for Blighttown. Afterwards, he can be found hollowed at the bonfire in the Swamp. He will attack the player on sight, leaving no other option than to kill him. The player may also decline to tell him the source of the pyromancies, in which case he will simply remain at Firelink Shrine.


Fire Orb
Iron Flesh
Flash Sweat

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