I am new player looking for duders to play with (EUW)

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I should start out by saying I'm really new to LoL, level 5, and have become interested in mobas recently. I chose LoL because I heard it was an easier game to get into, compared to dota, so spent some money and bought a few champions and started playing and I'm having fun. It became quickly apparent that the other players are a lot better than me and that they will tell you that they are a lot better than you, even if you are on the same team. Now I am thick skinned enough to not let this affect me but it is not conducive to pleasant gaming experience.

So what I'm asking is if there is anybody here that would like to play normals with a newbie. My name on LoL is SynapseZer0.

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Actually they both suck.

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I would, but im NA. Also EUW is having a TON of technical issues so be forewarned about that. Have fun duder!

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The problem is that you're probably matched with a lot of smurfs who can't fathom the concept of completely new players. If you wanna avoid some of that, play a few botgames, tell people that you're new to the game and maybe have them give some advice, practice mechanics like last hitting, etc. to get accustomed to the game.

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Euw gross... LoL

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