Holy Building Blocks Batman!

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This game looks pretty funny, it has plenty of characters from the comics, and seems to pay tribute (and poke fun of, undoubtedly) to the many incarnations of Batman, from the comics, to the campy Adam West show, to the Burton Movies and even the magnificent animated series!

But there's so much to the Batman mythos out there, they couldn't have included everything.

From what we know so far, what do you think might be missing? A favorite villain? More references to the Nolan movies? Some of the crazy gadgets from the 1966 TV series? THE TUMBLER??

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I'm happy with where they appear to be taking it. I've played the Lego Star Wars games for a bit and they were fun, but in all honesty that universe doesn't really interest me. However, Batman does. Not that i'm a huge mega-uber-insane fan, but I do have a more than slight interest in it.

The lack of Nolan-movie referances is good, simply due to the fact it's Lego. I'll be happier with the more Kid-friendly Lego Batman not including Begins or Dark Knight referances if it means it's balanced out with an AWESOME Dark Knight influenced game that's supposedly in the works. Gotta be better than that shocking "Begins" game.....

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I tried to play Lego Star Wars II and I just couldn't. It's just not my taste.

Hopefully this one will be better

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