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The Dark Knight LEGO form. 0

LEGO Batman has really went under the radar with all these great games coming out. I saw some images and all it really looked like was just another LEGO game, that has some LEGO cred in it,but I've always had a little space in my heart for LEGO games and despite the poor humor and frustrating puzzles this game is pretty great.The puzzles are very annoying some are really hard and some can be quite easy.Your sometimes wander around for 10-20 minutes at a time wondering what in the world to do nex...

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Lego Batman: My Review 0

LEGO BATMAN: THE VIDEO GAME My Review Not too long ago the gods of plastic sent us LEGO Indiana Jones. And to me seem to be a huge improvement over the LEGO Star Wars Games. With its puzzles, and unique character abilities. Now they give us, LEGO BATMAN. If you played any previous LEGO game then you understand the concept. You and a partner, (Local co-op or AI only) plow through a city, destroying most everything in your path in a wave of colorful destruction. At time the screen stutters a...

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Flawed Bat Caper 0

Pros: It's Batman; Lego characters are cute; the villains Cons: Platforming hampered by camera; vehicle levels are poor; hub world has instant death; no online co-op; dodgy AI again! Lego Batman continues with the same formula used in Lego Starwars and Lego Indy. It is the usual mixture of 3D platforming and item collecting -studs, mini-kits & red power bricks- that have been hallmarks of the series. Where Lego Batman does differ is that we now have an original story and context that is not ...

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Lego Batman 0

I'd put three and a half, but I'm a really big batman fan right now, so I dunno whether I should count the half.I'd recommend it to Batman fans, anyway...So..Sound, how about? The sound is actually pretty good. I remember not actually playing the game, just listening to the music. I really enjoyed it. It's not very usual that I take very much notice of muisc... It's kinda cute... The fact that it's all told by lego storylines..Fan art is a lot easier, they're lego! Although, one would wonder, is...

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LEGO This Tired Formula. 0

Much like the property, the LEGO games have always had the tried-and-true building blocks.  Simple controls and enjoyable combat mixed with poor AI and ridiculously designed puzzles.  With the release of LEGO Batman, these building blocks seem to have become more tired-but-true.  While it still offers plenty of light-hearted features, it's time for Traveller's Tales to take apart the formula and add a few more blocks before releasing the next copy.There are plenty of territories that a LEGO-base...

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The Lego Brick Knight 0

An alternative game to play for you lot who love the lego franchise. Although it’s a few years old by now and has many successors. I feel that there was so many parts of this done well. It was no where near as long tedious as the star wars franchise and managed to still keep the alternative funny life styles those plastic figures live in game.With slight tweaks and alternate ways round levels the games has loads of playabilty, couple that with the different suits and abilities batman can have, t...

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Best of the LEGO games 0

After turn Lucus’s beloved characters Lego style, Traveler’s tale now turns to the Dark Knight with Lego Batman. Can travelers tale bring the same care and attention to this game as well as the last games? Let’s find out. This time around, Travelers Tale hasn’t based this game on any of the Batman movies. Traveler’s tale has made a new story around the lego universe. The story is basicly all the villains of the Batman universe have broken out of Arkume Asylum and Batman and Robin must put them b...

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An Original Lego Game? Wow 0

 This actually is a different tact for the Lego series. This ISN'T a takeoff of the Batman movies (admittedly, they do have episodes where the main criminal does match the main villain in the first 3 movies) but, instead, unique stories based in the Batman universe.One thing you quickly realize is that DC really does make terrible characters. I'm sorry, but the villains are lame beyond words. Mad Hatter? Seriously kids? Scarecrow? Weak, children. Weak.DC's terrible characters aside, the g...

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Lego Batman Review 0

After enjoying Lego Indiana Jones quite a bit over the summer and having fun collecting absolutely everything in it, it was a no brainer for me to grab Lego Batman. After all, Lego Batman was every kids hero growing up in the 90’s and no one ever made a good Batman game. What gives? Finally, as cliche as it may sound, a good Batman game has arrived. Not as good as it could be, but it’s enjoyable. If you’ve played any of the other Lego games (Star Wars or Indiana Jones) then you know what to expe...

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A cute cash-in on Ledger's dark performance as a serial killer 0

Lego Batman : An action/adventure/co-branding venture game based on, or rather satirizing, the Batman universe by making every character and object composed of Legos.Story : There’s a breakout at Arkham Asylum and every Batman villain that matters (and 2 or 3 that don’t) manages to escape, banding together into 3 groups with vile plans for Gotham City, and only Batman and Robin can stop them. Being that this is a Lego-themed game and thus Legos aren’t capable of thirsting for vengeance or having...

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A Mediochre title in the franchise 0

Too Long, Didn't Watch version: Lego Batman features a lot of the solid gameplay that has made the Lego series so long lasting. However, the tone of the game and the tone of the Batman franchise simply doesn't mesh. Thus, this is a game that only really works for fans of the Lego series - who don't need anyone to recommend this game to them, as they'll buy it anyway....

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A clone with a new set of cloths 0

Lego Batman is the fifth part in the popular Lego (insert popular LucasArt franchise here) series. With the lack of under the hood maintenance to the lego formula, this iteration comes with built-in problems that anyone who's played previous games should expect. Lego StarWars was a success because it told a mature story in an innocent point of view, and Lego Indiana Jones was great because the films had so many iconic scenes to imitate. So what does Lego Batman do? Nothing really, it tells a gen...

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LEGO: Batman The Video Game Review 0

By - Kai S. I really cannot think of anyone who has never played with LEGO’s at some point in their life. Whether or not they actually owned them, I think every person has had the chance to build and play with LEGO’s at some point or another. Everyone seems to love LEGO’s and it is one of the few toys that have stood the test of time. Even as we grow older, the kid inside of us still sees LEGO’s and wants to start building something. So what happens when you combine a childhood favorite like LEG...

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Oddly one of the best batman games to date. 0

The lego games combined with a popular theme do manage to sum up some imature, harmless and rather silly entertainment. Lego star wars achieved what it planned to do with garnering many different types of gamers to enjoy its adorable atmosphere and some lighthearted gameplay mixed with a slight parody of its overall story.Then came the Indiana Jones game, which I myself haven't even had the disc in my i can't judge all that well wether it managed to continue on travellers tales strong tr...

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