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    LEGO Racers

    Game » consists of 16 releases. Released September 2007

    LEGO Racers lets players make their own LEGO vehicles and drivers and pits them against other LEGO racers to become the greatest LEGO racing champion of all time.

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    Upon release, Lego Racers was noted for its creation tools which allowed the player to create their own vehicle and driver. At the time the concept was regarded as innovative, and is one which has transcended through many other genres and is a staple in many new releases today. The player could then take their custom vehicle and driver for use in the game's adventure mode. The adventure mode consisted of numerous different worlds, each inhibiting their own end of series boss aswell as track. Upon defeat of the boss, their lego head, torso and legs, aswell as vehicle were them available to the player for use in the creation modes. The game reaches a climax as the player must defeat "Rocket Racer" the fastest racer in the lego universe, in order to claim the final trophy and title the ultimate lego racer 


    Lego Racers offers much in the way of customization. The player's car can be customized, using the Lego builder,  by adding Lego Bricks and various accessories onto a variety of unchangable pre-built chassis. Characters can also be customized in a way that , for the time, was quite revolutionary and innovative. The player can customize his/her character by changing headwear, heads, torsos, and legs.

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