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Level 5, Grasshopper Manufacture, Suda 51!!!

How could this game go wrong? You play as a female president of japan, with a mech suit. The whole thing sound amazing, but then again so did Lollipop whatever. Suda lost his touch with reality because this game doesn't work as a game.

It is impossible to appreciate the actual creativity and uniqueness in this game because its painful to play.

The 3d is some of the worst I've seen on the 3ds, the game controls weird when you get it to work, don't have any options, and they spend a lot of time overexplaining stuff....pretty amazing considering this is the asshole who made the cryptic confusing and indirect Killer 7.

Are you left handed? dont bother buying this, seriously DONT BUY THIS IF YOU ARE LEFT HANDED. All you do in this game is use the circle pad to move and the touch screen to shoot. Its like a lame gameloft copy of Kid Icarus Uprising, without the on foot parts, online, customization, level balancing and a billion other things (because kid icarus uprising is the best game of 2012)..... except this shitty blatant copy is not made by gameloft, its made by grasshopper manufacture, with level 5, and Suda 51 is the lead on the game.

There is no option to switch movement from the circle pad to the face buttons, so a left handed person could play it. There's no Circle Pad Pro support either. If you're left handed (like me) you will be forced to go against everything your brain is forcing you to do, and try to hold a stylus with the same control as your writing hand (impossible and ridiculous to expect only left handed people to be forced to go through....who designed this?) or you could use your thumb. Using your thumb is nice for about 20 seconds until you realize you have such little control you might as well be playing something on ios, because thats how much what happens on screen relates to your thumb....hardly any. This sucks.

It should say on the store ***NOTE YOU MUST BE RIGHT HANDED TO PLAY THIS GAME*** Like what about a game that is left handed only. This is the dumbest mistake ever, developers can get around it by simply not being a douche, but to add another level to this, its totally Nintendo's fault for not making a system that has symmetry with its button layout.

This game blows. Don't let the attractive names on the box fool you. It might as well have been made by actual grasshoppers.

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