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Originally part of the Guild 01 collection, Grasshopper Manufacture's Liberation Maiden was released as a standalone 3DS eShop title in Europe on October 4, 2012 following its announcement via a European Nintendo Direct presentation. The game's North American release date is October 25, 2012.


The player takes control of Shoko Ozoro and her mechanized suit, the Liberator. The 3DS Circle Pad is used to control Shoko's movement while the L button can be used to put her into a strafing mode. Players must use the touch screen to aim the Liberator's reticule at enemies at which point they will be targeted. When the touch screen is released, the Liberator will fire at all targeted enemies.

The main goal of each level is to destroy a set amount of Lesser Spike's in order to disable the main force field and gain access to the final Spike. Each level also contains sub-missions which can be completed to receive a higher score. Levels can also be "purified" by Shoko by destroying enemies and objects within overrun areas throughout. Again, this results in a higher score. When a level is completed, it is unlocked in Stage Attack mode and can be replayed in order to try and get a higher score.

The game plays very similarly to Kid Icarus: Uprising sharing the same control setup. Unfortunately for left-handed gamers, there is no option to use the A/B/X/Y buttons or Circle Pad Pro when playing Liberation Maiden.


There are a total of 30 unlockable honors within the game. Each honor can be "liberated" when the set task is complete:

  1. Made preparations for war
  2. Maneuvered in strafing mode
  3. Reached the edge of the combat zone
  4. Attacked with the Liberator's blade
  5. Completed a Sub Mission
  6. Used all attack variants
  7. Cleared Stage 1
  8. Cleared Stage 2
  9. Cleared Stage 3
  10. Cleared Stage 4
  11. Cleared Stage 5
  12. Destroyed 300 tanks
  13. Destroyed 50 battleships
  14. Destroyed 50 cannons
  15. Destroyed 30 submarines
  16. Destroyed 100 Walkers
  17. Destroyed 50 supply trains
  18. Played a total of two hours
  19. Played a total of four hours
  20. Completed over 50 chains
  21. 100% Purification in Stage 1
  22. 100% Purification in Stage 2
  23. 100% Purification in Stage 3
  24. 100% Purification in Stage 4
  25. Completed over 100 chains
  26. Cleared a stage without taking damage
  27. Played the game over 10 times in Normal mode
  28. Played the game over 10 times in Hard mode
  29. Cleared Stage 1 in Story Mode
  30. Obtained 100% Approval Rating

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