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Liight is broken into many small, discrete rooms.  Each room has a set of stationary targets, colored red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, white, or black.  The player is given control of several spotlights colored only red, green, or blue.  The object is to use additive color in order to activate each target with its respective color.  Once all targets are activated at once, the room is completed.
Red, green, and blue targets are respectively activated by red, green, and blue spotlights.  Cyan is activated by combining green and blue, magenta is activated by combining red and blue, yellow is activated by combining red and green, and white is activated by combining all three of the basic spotlight colors.  Black targets must remain unlit by any color light to be activated, so spotlights must be arranged such that they are either not pointing toward black targets, or some obstacle obscures the light's path.

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