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Lilly owns a restaurant in Parm called the Seagull Restaurant. The restaurant serves as her home as well. It is here that she raises her son Justin to the best of her abilities. Nevertheless she can't prevent Justin from becoming more anxious and willing to go on adventures. She finds out, much to Justin's surprise, that Justin is planning on leaving the continent without her knowing, most likely because Justin couldn't handle the goodbye with the same going for his mother. Despite all that Lilly accepts Justin's decision and places a goodbye note in his pack. Justin finds the note just prior to boarding the ship that will sail to the new continent. In the note Lilly accepts Justin's coming of age and expresses that she will encourage him every step of the way even though she will miss him deeply.  

Even though Lilly is very sentimental she is shown to be quite a strong woman. Not only is she quite forward with Justin at times but it is hinted that she used to be a notorious pirate that went on her own adventures when she was younger. It is also noted that her seafaring days are how she encountered Justin's father.

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