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    Linebeck is the captain of the steamboat in which Link travels in Phantom Hourglass.

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    Linebeck is first met in the Temple of the Ocean King, where he is searching for treasure. Link frees him and he unwillingly accompanies him, his only motive is the promising treasure or a reward of some sort that he would obtain by doing so. He is the captain of the S.S. Linebeck, the ship used to sail around in The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Later in the game, you learn that he has ties with the pirate captain Jolene. He is shown as a lazy and cowardly character, until he stands up to the game's final boss in order to protect Link. In the final battle of Phantom Hourglass, Linebeck is possessed by Bellum and encased within a suit of armor.

    Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

    In Spirit Tracks, Linebeck himself is deceased, but his grandson, Linebeck III, continues his family business, buying treasure from you, as well as upgrading your train in exchange for some treasure.

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