Little Computer People

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    Players look after virtual people in this early precursor to The Sims.

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    Little Computer People is a life simulation game that was developed by Activision and was released in 1985. A port of the game was also released by Square on the Family Computer Disk System for the NES/Famicom console in Japan.

    The game received the accolade of 'Best Original Game of the Year' at the Golden Joystick Awards in 1985.

    The game is reported to have served as inspiration for The Sims, and shares a number of similarities with the series.


    Game starts with an empty house, depicted as a cross-section. Eventually a male Little Computer Person (LCP) will come into the home with a pet, and explore the home's various rooms; a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, office, and den. A player can execute various commands to interact with the LCP and pet in each room of the house, or simply watch the LCP. Actions include delivering books, software, records, food, and dog food. The water tank may also be filled. The player may also operate a scissor expansion arm, connected to a hand which pats the LCP on the back.

    Additionally, the LCP will occasionally attempt to initiate an interaction with the player by "tapping" outward at the monitor, or by typing letters on the typewriter in the den.

    Within the office is a computer, which various games-within-a-game can be played with the LCP, including Hearts, Poker, and Hangman. There are no defined goals, but the player must supply both the LCP and the pet with food, water, and entertainment, or the LCP grows bored, and even sick, as evidenced through terse typewriter messages, and a green complexion.

    Left to his own devices, the LCP keeps himself occupied by listening to records, playing the piano, using his comptuter, reading, and watching television. Any of these actions may be initiated by the player as well through a text interface, which acts as an instant message to the LCP.


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