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The 90 mm Gun Motor Carriage, M36 often refered to by its nicknames Jackson or Slugger, was an American Tank Destroyer first deployed in 1944 to counter the heavy tanks being field by nazi-Germany at the time. The US tank doctrine was built around the weak gunned Sherman tanks being supported by tank destroyers such as the M10, but as the war progressed the Germans introduced heavy tanks such as the Tiger and Panther tanks that even the M10 was incapable of defeating at larger distances. The M36 was with its 90mm gun able to penetrate heavy german tanks even at long distances. As common of US Tank Destroyers, it had an open topped turret to aid in observation, altough this left it vulnerable to artillery fragments and the like.

After the war it was used in the Korean War, and exported to several nations. It last saw use as a decoy to attract allied bombers during the bosnian war in the 90s.

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