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    MacFarlane Ranch

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    MacFarlane's Ranch is a fictional location in the game Red Dead Redemption

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    MacFarlane's Ranch is a cattle ranch located in the Hennigan's Stead region of the New Austin territory, and is home to Bonnie and Drew MacFarlane. The ranch is an important location during the early narrative of Red Dead Redemption, as many of the missions found there take place at or near the ranch and serve to instruct the player on basic game play elements. Located on the Ranch is a Sheriff's office, general store, a small domicile that servers as the players first lodging/save point, and the MacFarlane homestead. In addition to these amenities, side-jobs are also available at the ranch that provide the player with money - such as patrolling as a nights watchman or herding cattle.

    Macfarlane's Ranch is one of the first places the player visits in Red Dead Redemption. It is at the ranch where Marston awakens after his initial confrontation with Bill Williamson, who shot Marston in the chest and left him for dead. 

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