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    Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released 2000

    Majesty is a fantasy kingdom simulation game where players build, tax, and manage their kingdom, but the units control themselves.

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    The game follows the player, the Sovereign of Ardania, as he tries to free the land of evil. Creatures such as ratmen, goblins, and trolls all stand in the way of creating a peaceful, prospering nation.


    The single-player game consists of stand-alone missions selected from an overworld map. Missions have varying objectives, which range from building a Fairground to as tough as recovering an ancient sword to defeat a mighty dragon. The player must construct buildings and recruit autonomous heroes. These heroes will go about their business, upgrading their weapons in player-built blacksmiths and hunting down monsters. Completing missions unlocks additional missions. Each mission revolves around the player's castle; if it is destroyed, the mission is failed.


    Income is primarily earned through taxes. Your heroes will spend money at various buildings, and a tax collector will go from building to building collecting the money that they have spent. The primary source of income are marketplaces and caravans.

    Flags and Bounties

    The player directs the actions of these heroes by placing flags. Flags come in two varieties: the Attack Flag and Explore Flag. Attack Flags are used to place bounties on enemy units and structures, and Explore Flags encourage friendly units to venture into unexplored portions of the map. Attached to each flag is a bounty, a sum of gold allocated from the player's coffers. If heroes complete the quest, they earn the assigned bounty, so higher sums of gold will naturally encourage heroes to perform more dangerous tasks. Using these two types of flags, the player can exercise limited control over the kingdom's heroes, but part of the charm of the game is simply watching heroes go about their business.


    Autonomous units, Heroes vary from Warriors to Mages, Dwarves and Elves, Barbarians and Clerics. In each game, you are allowed to mix and match groups, with some becoming inaccessible due to other classes. For example, you can't have the necromantic priestess of Krypta and the holy clerics of Agrela in the same game. Each Hero has its own personality. A Rogue is more likely to go after a unit with a bounty on it, regardless of who it belongs to, while a Paladin is more likely to attack evil monsters. The Barbarians can form raiding parties with other heroes to destroy monster dens and take on more powerful monsters with less risk of death.


    The following is a list of the different buildings that can produce heroes, and which heroes they produce as well as any effects they have on your kingdom.

    Human Barracks:

    Ranger's Guild - Produces rangers. Can be moved anywhere on the map for a sum of gold.

    Rogue's Guild

    - Produces rouges. Can instantly collect any taxes gathered, with a fee going to the rouges themselves.

    Warrior's Guild

    - Produces warriors. Can instantly teleport any warriors to the town hall.

    Wizard's Guild -

    Produces wizards and grants the spells Farseeing, Invisibility, Lightning Bolt, Anti-Magic Shield, Lighting Storm, and Supercharge.

    Non-Human Barracks

    Dwarven Settlement

    - Creates dwarves. The structure itself fires ballistae shots at enemies.

    Elven Bungalow

    - Creates Elves. Players gain 2x the marketplace income, but nontaxable Gambling Halls will be built randomly.

    Gnome Hovel

    - Creates Gnomes. Gnomes are weak but will help build structures. Up to three Gnome Hovels will appear per Gnome Hovel you build.


    Temple to Agrela

    - Creates healers and grants the spells Healing, Blessing, and Resurrection. Building this temple will not allow players to build temples to Fervus, Krypta, or Krolm.

    Temple to Dauros

    - Creates monks and grants the spells Stoneskin, Vigilance, and Petrify. Allows paladins to be built at the Warriors Den. Building this temple will not allow players to build temples to Fervus, Krypta, or Krolm.

    Temple to Fervus

    - Creates cultists and grants the spells Healing, Illusionary Hero, and Vines. All heroes recruited after a Temple to Fervus is built will have increased luck. Allows players to build Warriors of Discord at the Warrior's Guild. Building this temple will not allow players to build temples to Agrela, Dauros, or Krolm.

    Temple to Krypta

    - Creates priestesses and grants the spells Wither, Animate Bones, and Reanimate. Building this temple will not allow players to build temples to Agrela, Dauros, or Krolm.

    Temple to Krolm

    - Creates barbarians. Allows the ability Rage of Krolm which will greatly boost effected heros' stats. Building this temple will not allow players to build any other temples.

    Temple to Helia

    - Creates solarii and grants the spells Fire Strike and Sun Scorch. Building this temple will not allow players to build a Temple to Krolm or a temple to Lunlord.

    Temple to Lunlord

    - Creates adepts and grants the spells Winged Feet and Wind Storm. Building this temple will not allow players to build a Temple to Helia or a temple to Krolm.

    Critical Reception

    Majesty was critically well-received for its unique take on the real-time strategy formula. Despite its lackluster commercial success, it managed to garner a cult following.

    Expansion and Sequel


    content expansion to Majesty

    was released a year later, adding several new features, including a random map generator. A sequel entitled, "Majesty: Legends" was announced but subsequently canceled. In 2008, a

    new sequel

    was announced, being developed not by


    but by

    1C: Ino-Co

    . It was released on September 18th, 2009.


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