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Maria Torres is a doctor who specializes in first response at Resurgam First Care. As one of the six playable protagonists in Trauma Team, Atlus' third Wii installment in the Trauma Center franchise, she is primarily concerned with keeping the vital signs of emergency patients stable until they can be taken to the hospital for surgery. Although her gameplay is similar to that of CR-S01's surgery mechanics, her greater emphasis on pragmatism and timeliness means that she has a limited toolset and a greater focus on hands-on, practical approaches to saving lives. Although Maria has a prideful and brash exterior, it's more because she feels as though she is the only one capable of saving the lives around her rather than outright arrogance. Additionally, this makes her the game's tomboy, although she does have a hidden feminine side that she still indulges from time to time.

Gameplay Style

Unlike CR-S01, Maria only has four tools available to her at any given time: the syringe, forceps, antibiotic gel, and tape. However, a number of other tools are available to her depending on situational contexts, which include a tourniquet, temporary arm and leg braces, blood transfusions, scissors, and gauze, as well as an ability to restart patients' hearts via resuscitation in tandem with the Wii remote. In addition, Maria's stages are the only ones that force the player to address multiple patients' needs simultaneously and quickly, whereas the other doctors work only one at a time on the rare occasions they have more than one person to care for.

Personal History

Maria, having no parents to call her own, grew up in an orphanage during her childhood. Her life was set into motion one fateful day as a teenager while smoking in a restroom, as she accidentally set fire to the orphanage in doing so. While she initially fled the scene out of fear, the calls for help from Rosalia Rosselini compelled Maria to go back in rescue her, despite the danger. Being called a hero for her efforts afterwards, a title she felt she didn't deserve at the time, Maria eventually became a first responder in order to become a real one.

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