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Thread in question:

I can't just let that sit like that...

They're sci-fi themed wallpapers(And Chrome themes) made by an artist called Cyborg, who, around two years ago, supposedly ceased to exist.
After some research, I've discovered that he died, and his friends/family took down his works.

Just letting everyone know, it's totally not OK to give credit to the dude.

The third wallpaper is actually an EVE Online wallpaper, not Mass Effect.

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 I found a couple wallpapers that look alright if anyone is interested. Here they are:

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Thank you so much for this.

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 I'm sensing quite a bit of sarcasm in your post...@laserbolts said:

Thank you so much for this.
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Why didn't you reply to the thread? I mean, I get that it would be a necro but it doesn't really matter around here as long as your reply is relevant. 
And give credit to who? That thread doesn't give credit to anybody it just posts wallpapers for mass effect dtat found. 
In the end this thread was unnecessary.

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You really should have just replied to the thread you're referring to.


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