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    Matt Uelmen

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    A video game composer whose most notable work is scoring Diablo and Diablo II. He has since then left Blizzard to work at Runic Games.

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    Early Life

    Matt Uelman grew up near Los Angeles, in South Bay. His formal music training came from weekly piano lessons as a child. He is also familiar with the drums, flute, guitar and keyboard. His first entered the industry in 1994 via Condor (eventually Blizzard North), and the first major game he worked on was Justice League Task Force on the Sega Genesis.  

    Work at Blizzard

     While Matt's most famous contribution is scoring Diablo & Diablo II  — and composing the legendary Tristram theme  — he was also the sound designer for Brood War and contributed to The Burning Crusade's soundtrack.  

    New Home at Runic Games

     Matt is now working at Runic Games, lending his talents to crafting Torchlight and Torchlight II's soundtracks. 


    • IGDA Excellence in Audio Award 2001

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