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In the manual for the Atari 2600 game Dolphin, Hubbard is credited with being in a New Wave band in addition to designing the game. The band's name is not written, however.
Hubbard originally programmed for Atari, but was one of the programmers who left to help form Activision, and says himself in an interview that he was likely the one that let Atari bosses know the exodus was going to happen. His contributions to Atari include Submarine Commander, Double Dunk, and beginning the 5200 version of RealSports Baseball, before handing the project off to someone else.
At Activision he designed and programmed Dolphin, one of the many Activision games for the Atari that had a contest attached to it, where players who sent in their scores could earn a patch. Dolphin actually had two patches available for different scoring tiers, although Hubbard admits that he had overlooked a hidden exploit that made high scores relatively easy.

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