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    A mini shotgun used by the Brutes in Halo 3. It is very effective at close range.

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    The Mauler is a Brute-created Mini-Shotgun . It can be seen in Halo 3 as quite a few Brutes use it during the game's campaign. 



    The Mauler-Melee is the act of shooting an enemy at close range with a Mauler and immediately doing a melee attack afterwards, which is damaging enough to kill enemies instantly. It be used from slightly farther away than one might think, as the lunge of the melee allows for attackers to have the upper hand on fleeing players.

    Dual Wielding Maulers

    Dual-Wielded Maulers are nigh-unstoppable at close range. The deadly force of two Maulers combined is so effective that most players dislike the very idea of someone using this combination.

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