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    Medal of Honor Infiltrator

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Nov 17, 2003

    A top down shoot em' up in the same vein as Commando and Frontline, this handheld takes the player on infiltration missions across three different theaters of WWII.

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    Play as corporal Jake Murphy, a one man spearhead who is sent on infiltration missions to Marocco, France and Norway. The game takes course over fifteen missions featuring varying types of gameplay such as stealth, shoot em' up and on-rails shooting. After gathering intelligence, securing enemy strongholds and protecting the U.S.S. Dallas, Murphy is sent to Brittany, France to aid German major Sebastian Diesler defect to the allies. The wermacht officer proves vital in assisting the allied war effort, but can he truly be trusted?


    • Mission 1: Tiger at the Gates
    • Mission 2: Pulling Teeth
    • Mission 3: Thunderbolt
    • Mission 4: Mousetrap
    • Mission 5: Trail of the Beast

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