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A portal to the past that I missed out on 0

Mega Man Legacy Collection is one of the most barebones physical releases I think I've ever seen. This is Mega Man 1-6, and that's all you're getting here. No HD, no 3D, no remix and no enhanced controls. And its fantastic. I had the original gameboy when it came out, but gaming didn't manifest itself in me until i was already grown. I played so few of the old classics that I had attributed the enjoyment of any of them to severe nostalgia. I remember every little moment of Kirby's Dream W...

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The most classic compilation ever. 0

Let's judge this for the collection itself and how much effort was put into making this worth the money. In a world where downloading an emulator with a ROM for a game that could run on a calculator it's not so easy to make profit. Also, in my humble opinion, if there is one game company that does deserve to be ripped-off is Capcom, so why is this a big deal?It's a big deal because it's god-damn Mega Man. You should know by now but within these 6 games gaming history was forged. It doesn't real...

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