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    Melemele Island

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    One of the four major islands of Alola.

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    Melemele Island is the northwesternmost island of the four major islands of the Pokémon region of Alola. It is where the player moves to, and where they will first set off on their island challenge.

    Tapu Koko is the guardian deity of Melemele Island. The island is based off Oahu, an island of Hawaii, and its name comes from the Hawaiian word for yellow, with yellow being the official color of Oahu.


    Route 1

    The first route on Melemele Island, connecting Iki Town, Hau'oli City, Ten Carat Hill, Route 3 and the Melemele Sea. The player's house, Professor Kukui's lab and the Trainers' School are all found on Route 1.

    Iki Town

    A small town in Melemele Island. It the home of the Island Kahuna, Hala, and the town where the player first receives their starter Pokémon.

    Hau'oli City

    Alola's largest city, situated on the coast of Melemele Island. The city has various amenities, including a mall, beachfront, marina, salon, apparel store, tourist bureau and more.


    Ilima's trial

    Ilima's trial is the first trial of Melemele Island, and will require the player to search a Verdant Cavern for Pokémon and battle two Yungoos (Sun) or Alolan Rattata (Moon) and a Gumshoos (Sun) or Alolan Raticate (Moon). Team Skull grunts come to interrupt the trial, but ultimately end up assisting.

    The trial ends with fighting the Totem Pokémon: Gumshoos in Sun, or Alolan Raticate in Moon. As a reward for completing the trial, Ilima will present the player with Normalium Z.

    Grand Trial

    Melemele Island's grand trial requires the player to defeat Hala, the island's Kahuna, in battle. The grand trial is held in Iki Town, and the reward for completing it is Fightinium Z and the Melemele Trial Completion stamp.


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