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Melia Antiqua is the daughter of Sorean Antiqua, Emperor of the High Entia capital of Alcamoth. Much like the rest of her race, she is much older than her appearance may suggest. She is found by Shulk's party in the middle of Makna Forest; after the group heals her of an ether deficiency and helps her defeat a threat to the forest, she secures them passage to Eryth Sea, near Alcamoth. After arriving in the capital, she is named crown princess by her father despite being half-Homs.

Melia is best described as a mage; in battle, she summons elementals that can either give the party buffs or be fired at the enemy to inflict damage. In addition, she can also cast spells that cause status ailments, such as sleep and bind. As such, she has the lowest HP total of all playable characters and should be kept at a safe distance from the battle.

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