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Riki is introduced as a "legendary hero" spoken of in the prophecy of the roly-poly Nopon people. Despite his child-like appearance and demeanor, Riki is actually 40 years old, and has a wife and several children. It is revealed he was named the legendary hero because he has accumulated a sizeable monetary debt to the village (mostly because of his family's ravenous eating habits) and has been tasked with helping the Homs travelers defeat the monster ravaging Makna Forest. He seems to have an especially close relationship with Melia, as the High Entia race is on good terms with the neighboring Nopon.

Riki uses a variety of "biters"--club-like objects with a fanged head on the end--in battle, held in one of his wing-like back arms. He is skilled at debuffs, and has the ability to steal items, stat boosts, and even EXP and AP from enemies. Even though he has the highest HP of all playable characters, he has poor mobility and thus poor evasion rates.

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