Does anyone know what was cut from the Japanese version? SPOILERS

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So, I just finished the story mode of the US version of the game, and while I loved the game, I've been wondering about something.Kojima said a while back that something was cut from the Japanese version of the game. I thought at first it was the torture sequence, but I've seen video of it in Japanese online. In fact, I even tried searching on Google, but all I got was the same thing about Kojiam saying something was cut, but not what.  
So...Does anybody know what was cut? 

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What I've seen of the Japanese torture sequence, they basically just say a few things differently that doesn't feel right for the characters. So I'm down with the change so far. 
Oh also I think a lot of stuff in the japanese game was branded, but since we don't get Famitsu magazine here, they probably took that shit out. 
In other words, nothing important. 

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