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    Metropolis Street Racer

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jan 16, 2001

    Widely regarded as one of the best racers on the Dreamcast, and possibly as one of the best racing games of its time. MSR was the seminal racing game by Bizzare Creations which lead to the popular "Project Gotham Racing" Series on the Xbox and later Xbox 360.

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    Metropolis Street Racer, or "MSR" as it was known in the days of the Dreamcast, is seen as the precursor to the now widely popular Project Gotham Racing franchise. It was the first game to introduce the " Kudos" system that rewarded drivers for style as well as speed. This gave the game a arcade tilt to the gameplay, and allowed players a new focus during races, instead of soley fighting for points or positions players also competed to complete races with the most " Kudos" in order to unlock the later races.   


    Metropolis Street Racer features several standard racing game modes, including a lengthy and unique single player campaign, time trials, and both online and offline multiplayer. The core of the game focuses on the single player campaign, wherein you unlock the cars and tracks for play in the other modes by progressing through a series of 25 sets of challenges. Each set of challenges is called a chapter, and there are several types of challenges, keeping the game feeling fresh. Races take place in different locations around the world, the time of day that the race takes place is calculated using the time set on the internal Dreamcast clock and the location of the player within the world.

    The types of challenges presented are:

    • One-on-One: A standard single race against a single opponent.
    • Street Race: A standard single race against several opponents.
    • Championship: A series of races against multiple opponents, where score is tallied after each race based on finishing position.
    • Hotlap: A standard single race where you race solo attempting to beat a specified time.
    • Challenge: A challenge with custom rules for completion, such as passing a specified number of cars within the race.

    Car List

    Alfa Romeo

    • 156
    • Gtv
    • Spider


    • S3
    • TT Coupe
    • TT Roadster


    • Barchetta
    • Coupe 20v Turbo


    • Mustang


    • S-V8


    • Miata
    • MX-5
    • Roadster
    • RX7


    • Benz SL320
    • Benz SLK


    • MGF
    • RV8


    • 3000GT
    • GTO
    • Eclipse
    • Eclipse 99
    • Eclipse Spider
    • FTO
    • Lancer EVO VI


    • 300ZX
    • Fairlady Z
    • Fairlady Z Spider
    • Silvia
    • Skyline GTR
    • Varieta

    OPEL / Vauxhall

    • ASTRA Coupe
    • OPC
    • Speedster
    • VX220


    • 206
    • 206 Cabriolet
    • 306
    • 406 Coupe


    • Clio V6
    • Megane
    • Spider


    • Celica
    • Celica 99
    • Celica GT-Four
    • MR-3
    • MR2
    • Supra


    • Chimaera

    Unlockable Cars

    Unlockable cars are non-traditional "cars" won from Special Events in the single player campaign. They include:

    • London Taxi
    • London Double Decker Bus
    • San Franciso Yellow Cab
    • San Franciso City Bus
    • Tokyo Takushe
    • Tokyo Bus
    • Lawnmower


    The soundtrack was composed primarily by long-time Sega collaborator Richard Jacques. It is unique for being one of the first instances where the music is presented with a "radio"-style presentation, with some banter and introduction before and after tracks by fictional radio DJs. The music itself was a mix of original tracks and pop parody, and was generally poorly received by critics.

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