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    Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jul 17, 1990

    3 player isometric action game by Sega and released only in arcades. Loosely based upon the movie of the same name.

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    Based on the movie of the same name, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker casts the player(s) in the role of Michael on a mission to defeat Mr. Big and rescue the kidnapped children.  Across each of the game's five levels, the player(s) must defeat Mr. Big's henchmen before turning into "Moonwalker" (a large robotic form) and engaging the game's bosses. Each player is distinguished by the color of their suit (white for player 1, red for player 2, blue for player 3).


    Each stage has an instrumental rendition of a hit Michael Jackson song running as its background music
    • Stage 1, Cavern - "Bad"
    • Stage 2, Amusement Quarter - "Smooth Criminal"
    • Stage 3, Night Street - "Beat It"
    • Stage 4, Graveyard - "Another Part of Me"
    • Stage 5, Evil Fortress - "Bad"

    Upon completing the game, Michael's song "Billie Jean" will play.

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