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Micro Machines: Military was only released in Europe and Australia in 1996. It builds upon the concepts of Micro Machines 2 with a military theme. The vehicles now have weapons to temporarily knockout the other players. It introduces new vehicles, play modes and maps.  Like Micro Machines 2, the J-Cart allows up to four players to play simultaneously. Although only suppose to be used in PAL machines, it will play in NTSC systems but will run faster than it's suppose to.   

Game Modes

Challenge - (1 Player) Race against 3 computer controlled opponents in races consisting of 3 laps. Finish either first of second to progress to the next course. If you fail to finish in the top two you lose one of your three lifes and have to try the race again.    
Time Trial Challenge - (1 Player) Finish the 3 lap race within the set time to move onto the next course. Face to do so and you lose one of your three lifes. 
Battle Arena - (1-4 Player) Survive of a set amount of time in a confined space whilst computer controlled vehicles or other players attempt to blast you out of the arena. 
Pro Challenge, Pro TT Challenge, Pro Battle Arena - Harder versions of these game modes. 
Single Race - (2-4 Players) Challenge your friends in a three lap race.  
Tournament - (2-4 Players) Like Singe Race, race your friends over several courses grouped together. 
Time Trial Single Race and Tournament - (2-4 Players) Time Trial versions of these modes. 

Party Play Game Modes

 These game modes are designed to be played with more than 4 players by passing around the controller. 
Knockout - (4-16 Players) Lose then your out, no second chances. 
8/6/4 Player Share - Two players share one controller. D-pad controls one players vehicle and the other controls theirs with the ABC buttons.   


 Land-Skimmer, Chopper, Jet, A.P.C., Jeep, Warrior

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