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    Midwinter is a First Person strategy/role playing game with some first-person shooting. Controlling up to 32 characters, players must defend an immense playing area of over 160,000 square miles. Players can ski, hang-glide, snow-buggy or travel by cable car across the glacial landscape.

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    Midwinter is a first-person action-espionage game released for Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, and PC. The game had a sequel called Midwinter 2: Flames of Freedom.


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    First, there was the strategy aspect of the game, which took place on the 160,000-square-mile island of Midwinter, where you planned the moves of the Free Villages Peace Force in an attempt to stop the evil General Masters from taking over the island. Thirty-two agents with different skills were scattered across this vast environment, players were tasked with recruiting these characters.

    Meeting up with these agents required changing to the game's first-person action mode, where players skied across the frozen landscape. It was possible to snipe enemies at long range in this mode, and as the game progressed players would eventually commandeer several vehicles that were fully controllable.

    There were snow-buggies for quickly traversing the white wasteland, ski lifts for quickly getting to the tops of mountains, and hang gliders for getting down from said mountains (and attacking enemies from the air). Like the skiing, vehicles were controlled from a first-person perspective. The entire island was rendered with shaded 3D polygons.

    The sniping mode scope could be zoomed in, and the view would bob up and down as the agent breathed. Agents with better shooting skills suffered less from this effect. When skiing, it was possible to hit a tree while zipping down a steep slope, which usually knocked the agent out and sometimes did serious physical damage.

    Midwinter was one of the first games to model damage to specific body parts, and it affected performance in a realistic manner. Leg injuries slowed movement, and arm wounds severely affected shooting accuracy.

    Tired and wounded agents needed bed rest to recover fully. Also, certain agents didn't get along with one another, so players had to be careful during the recruiting process.

    The Midwinter remake was announced on the 9th of January 2014 and is due for release in Q1 2015


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