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MilitAnt is a 2.5D side-scrolling platformer/shooter released July 12, 2016 from developer Xibalba Studios. The game takes inspiration from old school franchises like Contra and Metal Slug, while adding it's own mix of platforming challenges. The player controls a nameless ant trying to save it's colony from the attacks of other insects kingdoms.

The music featured in the boss battles was composed by Gerard Marino.


MilitAnt's gameplay is divided into 3 core mechanics: Controlling the weapons' heating treshold, aiming at enemies with the game's directional lock-on (if played with a gamepad) and diverse platforming challenges across the levels. If a weapon passes it's heating treshold it will go into overheat, putting the ability to fire that specific gun in cooldown, therefore, the amount of DPS the current weapon can do is drastically decreased.

Lock-On (Gamepad)

Aiming with gamepad
Aiming with gamepad

The lock-on works by tapping/flickering the joystick in the current direction the enemy is located. The current locked-on enemy will change its outline color to white.

Some enemies are positioned on a different plain from where the Ant stands, creating an obstacle while trying to aim at specific enemies in front of the hero. By rotating the joystick, the aim will move around other enemies in the area. If the targeted enemy exits the screen/view, the lock-on will reset itself after 5 seconds. Enemies that are outside view and not targeted will not shoot at the Ant, though they become invulnerable.

Lock-On (Mouse and Keyboard)

Aiming with mouse.
Aiming with mouse.

The game's lock-on mechanic changes dramatically when playing with a mouse and keyboard. The aiming works by placing the mouse cursor on top of the enemies hitbox, this will make the cursor to change colors from yellow to red providing feedback that the enemy has been locked-on.

Overheating Weapons

Weapons can be swapped independently (pressing R1/L1/bumpers/) or by the current equipped set of two (Triangle/Y). If the weapons overheat, the penalty can be very punishing, preventing the Ant from shooting anywhere from 1 to 5 seconds depending on the currently equipped weapon. If the Ant stops shooting before the weapon goes into Overheat Cooldown, it's heat meter will start dropping back to normal.


Crystalite is the game's economy. Every time an enemy is killed it will drop Crystalite Shards, when 1000 Shards are achieved, the Ant will be rewarded with a Crystalite Gem. Gems can be used to buy new weapons at the armory.


By killing enemies in succession, the amount of Crystalite Shards the next enemy will drop will be multiplied by the current combo number. The combo ends when either the player gets hit or the timer reaches zero.

The Armory

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The Ant can bring to every level up to 4 different weapons (one in each arm), where the guns are positioned is important, since different weapon combos changes the Ant's damage per second. There are 12 weapons that can be unlocked.


The insect world's economy is driving by 'Crystalite'. Everything from weapons, money, buildings uses this precious material. The Ants control the mining and distribution of Crystalite to every other insect kingdom. The termites, bothered by how much power is on the ant's hands, they decide to start a revolution alongside the wasps to take over the mines and remove the ants from their economic position.


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