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  • Overview:

    Mines of Titan is a team based role playing game released in 1989 for MS-DOS and Apple II systems.  The game was developed by Westwood Associates (who would later become Westwood Studios) and published by Infocom. 
  • The Game:


        The year is 2261 and you are Tom Jetland, a 22 year old astronaut who has crash landed on Saturn's largest moon, Titan.  Your spacecraft was forced to crash land after the hull  was pierced by  asteroids, and were forced to drop your payload.  Mankind has long since colonized the inner solar system, but has not yet completely terraformed the outer planets.  You must raise money by any means necessary to get off of Titan.  You must recruit, create and lead a small group of characters to explore Titan and engage various adversaries in combat.   You raise both your own and your partner's attributes with experience gained from combat and completing quests.  You can increase your attributes in over twenty categories to increase your abilities.

The main plot of the game revolves around discovering the fate of the Proscenium Colony which seems to have simply disappeared. You traverse through several diverse areas throughout the game such as markets, underground colonies and mining settlements. 


  • Remake

       Mines of Titan is actually a remake/update of the Commodore 64 game Mars Saga.  Mines of Titan adds a lengthier storyline, additional quests, different enemies and of course changes the games location from Mars to Saturn's moon Titan. 


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