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Minion Masters is a game currently under development by BetaDwarf Entertainment. It was initially released into Early Access December 2, 2016 and is currently set for release Mid 2018.

The game is primarily a multiplayer competitive game where players collect cards and use them to summon minions and cast spells in real time. It currently features three game modes, 1v1, 2v2, and Draft, the latter of which is also 1v1 but players are only allowed to use decks crafted from randomized cards.

Minion Masters is often compared to popular games such as Clash Royale, but differs in that it is only currently on the PC platform and cards that are collected do not build levels with subsequent copies.


All game modes use the same mechanics where the each player gains mana over time at a rate that increases from one every three seconds progressive to one every 1.5 seconds. The player has a deck of ten cards, of which four at a time are available. The players are represented on the map by their selected Master avatar that has its own subset of abilities that are either passive or activated by the player in the place of a card. The game always takes place on a battlefield with two bridges.

Cards consume a portion of the mana pool defined on the card and can either be summons or spells. Summons can only be played on the side of the bridge of the casting player and move from their location across the map to attack the opponent or his creatures. Other summons are buildings that do not move from the played position. Spells are cards can be played on any area of the playfield and have a variety of effects.

Game Modes

The three game modes in available at this time are 1v1, 2v2, and Draft. They all have separate queues the 1v1 and 2v2 modes have separate ranking levels.


The 1v1 game mode allows players to face off directly against one another. This is the oldest game mode and the mode that most tournaments follow.


This is the most recent game mode addition and randomly assigns players a team mate to face off against another group of two random players that match up with their combined ranking. This is currently the only game mode that allows a player to create a team with another player and compete in ranked play against other pre-made teams.


Draft is a buy-in game mode where a player chooses cards from random assortments to create a deck that is used to compete against other randomly-selected decks. Each player tries to win, at most, 12 matches in order to gain win-dependent levels of in-game prizes without losing three total matches in the process. The mode begins with the player selecting from one of three random Masters. Then they are presented with three cards at a time allowing them to choose only one. This is repeated ten times, filling the deck.


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