I Really Like This Years Soundtrack

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#1 Posted by Sanity (2151 posts) -

Ended up picking this up for the third year in a row, gotta say they did a great job with the soundtrack again this year. Im sure it will get old with time and i'll throw my own music on but i gotta say they always pick interesting songs that seem to fit the mood of the game.

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#2 Posted by EarthBowl (174 posts) -

Great to hear. Soundtracks for sports games can either be creative or downright obnoxious. I am considering picking this up only to see how much of an improvement they made on the net code for online games. If for nothing else, I happy to know the music selection is good. :p

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#3 Posted by iceman228433 (743 posts) -

I find my self liking that ZZ top song and I never thought I would say that lol

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#4 Posted by itspizza (476 posts) -

I usually put about 20 of my own song in (playing this game for 30 hours with only 10ish songs gets real annoying), but yea the songs that came with the game are pretty good.

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